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Vanessa VanBeusekom Hofmann, Architect

From a young age Vanessa had an keen interest in design. She was frequently rearranging the furniture in her parent’s home to find the perfect layout. Besides that, she would employ her siblings to build and remodel extensive tree and hay-bail houses on her parent’s farm in Minnesota. Spending her formative years on the farm surrounded by nature created a rich love and respect for the landscape which continues to influence her designs and art work still.

Ray Street Artists

This past friday we celebrated the release of the Ray Street Artist Book. It is a collection of 18 San Diego artists who are all apart of the vibrant emerging North Park Artist community. It is a great collection of work and I am proud to be one of the 18 selected to be in the book. There is a four page spread on my latest work, Elsa the Rocking horse, Catching a star, & Whimsical Bear.
This is book is also on sale for $27.95 through the San Diego Art Department.

New Office Space

This project entailed creating a new office space that was detached from the house. It began with the design of something called a Tuff Shed. The tough shed provided the frame work: walls, exterior cladding, roofing, windows and doors (all selected by us and dimensioned to our specifications). The tough shed product was the most economical, and timely way to get the project complete.
Here is a link to Tuff Shed. http://www.tuffshed.com/

This project used some customization including colors, ceiling height, door and window upgrades. It came with an unfinished interior, meaning bare studs on the interior. So a separate contractor was hired to finish the interiors, insulation, sheetrock, flooring, and wiring. Along with this project was the demolition and construction of the exterior patio space. It included the construction of pergola, demolition of concrete and brick pavers and installation of new concrete. The interiors of this office space is complete but the exterior landscaping is still in progress.

Bike Centric Art

The series of art focusing on the playfulness and vibrancy of bikes continues to find inspiration. Lately, I haven't been doing much bike riding but the desire to ride and paint bikes still exists. The art piece called Green bike and the starfish is influenced by living near the beach and the adventure of bike riding. Look for more art updates..... Hope you enjoy! Vanessa Custom art pieces of your bicycle are available upon request.


Double sinks in master

Some things are a must, double sinks come close to a must in the design of a home. It truly helps keeps things a little more peaceful. Just make sure there is enough room between the sinks to set things down and function.